Mentor Program

A.R.T. Mentor Program

The purpose of this program is to provide a resource for members who need a bit of help. Whether you're a beginner or an more experienced turner, whether you need an all-day session or 20 minutes worth of pointers, the mentors are here to help you. Feel free to give a mentor a call or approach them at the next meeting.

Mark Holden

978-335-2675 (Tewksbury)

Have been turning for 10 years now. Mostly bowls, vessels, boxes and ornaments. Now exploring ornamentation techniques.

Turner Of Wood

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Ken Lindgren

781-856-6035 (Norwood)

specialties include working with distressed and unusual wood blanks, and surface decoration

Examples of work

Steve Mittleman

508-494-0674 (Framingham)

Three years turning experience spread over 17 years. Never enough time to do fun hobbies.

Andy Osborne

781-769-6070 (Norwood)

Peter Patalano

781-391-6446 (Medford)

Ralph Rumery

508-878-5900 (Beverly)

specialties include spindle turning, goblets and captive ring wedding goblets, lidded boxes, and has developed a module on inside out turning

Examples of work

Mike Souter

978-390-7111 (Ipswich)

Bobbi Tornheim

781-862-4359 (Lexington)