Tips & Techniques

See the Tips & Techniques folder below for information including Steve Mittleman's Dizzy Bowl Demystified from the Aug 2019 club meeting, and Disk Vase Turning from the Jan 2013 club meeting, Will Hunt's Using Thin Epoxy in Woodturning article with instructions and tips on how to use low-viscosity epoxy in woodturning, Ron Pouliot's Turning a Peppermill instructions on how to turn a pepper mill from his article for The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers from a December 2009 A.R.T. Demo, Mike Green & Peter Toch's Threading Boxes from an April A.R.T. Demo, and Peter Teubel's Drill Doctor Review, and more!

And here's a bonus tip:

  • Sanding Disc Storage - Stick a wide piece of velcro on the side of your headstock. When sanding at the lathe, just peel off the used disc (if it still has life left in it) and stick it on the velcro on the headstock to await the next piece. It can be wide and long enough to accommodate 6 + discs. This also means when you set up to start sanding, you'll have all the discs out that you'll need on the velcro awaiting their turn.

A.R.T. Tips & Techniques folder