First place in Mechanical/Technical and first place in Fantasy!

In June 2014, A.R.T. entered the Chapter Collaborative Challenge In the Instant Gallery at the American Association of Woodturners Phoenix Symposium . The challenge features chapter collaborative works vying for "Best in Show” and awards in Mechanical/Technical, Artistic and Fantasy categories. Each work has to be created by a group of at least six chapter members. Twenty-two A.R.T. members contributed! The project was put it up for sale and it has sold. The theme of the symposium was "rising" so we came up with a hot air balloon theme. The name of our piece is "Balloon A.R.T." Below is the original "napkin sketch" along with the finished piece. The endoskeleton is made from plexiglass with keys that keep it expanded. It sits on top of an acrylic rod. The base is laser engraved.

AAW 2020 Recognition Award for Second Place Local Chapter website